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    Our Philosophy

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    Our Philosophy

    At Wisdom Valley Global School, children and adults work in a holistic way by integrating spiritual, moral, aesthetic, physical, social, emotional and intellectual strands into our everyday lives and practice. Children are supported to achieve high standards of self-discipline, a strong work ethic, effective social skills and an accomplished intellect.

    We strongly encourage the children to be responsible for themselves, their conduct, their work, their time-keeping, their environment and their community. Our expectation is that the character traits we encourage have a significant impact on their learning. We believe that full participation and involvement in life at Wisdom Valley equips children with the personal development, experiences and character to excel.

    The School mantra is KINDNESS MATTERS. To work as an effective community all members of the school are expected to apply the following acceptable code of conduct:-

    • We are kind to each other
    • We are kind to ourselves
    • We treat others as we expect to be treated ourselves
    • We have high learning expectations
    • We demonstrate good manners, respect and politeness to all
    • We value our school, the people in it and our environment
    • We develop a sense of self-discipline
    • We develop an acceptance and understanding of responsibility for our own actions
    • We act responsibly to safeguard the wellbeing of everybody.

    The School values are trust, love, hope, resilience, equality, co-operation, fairness, forgiveness, positivity, courage.

    Vision & Mission

    Wisdom Valley aims to create safe and stimulating learning environment for young minds that develops them into global citizens who will responsibly contribute to society with acquired knowledge, skills, values and ethics.


    1. To promote and develop creativity, natural curiosity, self-confidence, self-discipline, motivation and identifying true potential of a child for rapidly changing and challenging environment.
    2. To promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of students.
    3. To provide experienced teachers, extensive resources and infrastructure for all round development of students.
    4. To develop respect and care towards others and the environment.

    Our Motto

    At Wisdom Valley Global School, we believe that if we think big, dream big and believe big then we can achieve big results. Our school motto is

    ‘Aspire Learn Excel’


    To achieve greatest success in life, our children shall aspire and make an ambitious plan which is first step towards something big. Our aim is to raise the aspirations of our children.


    We will strive to ignite our children’s enthusiasm, curiosity and desire to learn and explore. To learn is to gain new knowledge or skills through study, practice or experience.


    To excel means to stand out and that you are doing it better than anyone else. We strive to develop an urge of excellence and outstanding-ness to achieve what you aspire.

    Transformation Ideology

    Usually education system is focused on development of students to become independent rather than being interdependent. At Wisdom Valley we strive to achieve transformation of a student from being dependent to Interdependent even beyond schooling. Our young minds should inculcate sense of belongingness with the mankind and society. The Interdependence is achieved through team work, group based activities, social responsibility activities, experiential learning and life skills which shall develop a student to acquire knowledge, skills, principles, values, character ethics, pro-activeness and focus to achieve larger than life goals. The transformation model has following three stages:


    A young kid is totally dependent on others. He is directed, nurtured and sustained by others.


    Students, over the years should be more and more independent – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially – until eventually they can take care of themselves, becoming inner directed and self-reliant. Independent people can get what they want through their own effort.


    As we continue to grow and mature, we become increasingly aware that all of the nature is interdependent and that the human life also is interdependent. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.